GG AT-TE Tank Gunner Mini Bust Accessory Pack!
Gentle Giant is happy to announce another website only product offering, the AT-TE Tank Gunner Mini Bust Accessory Pack.

AT-TE Tank Gunner's are elite clone trooper specialists that receive advanced training under ARC troopers on Kamino. They have specialized skills to operate the AT-TE (All Terrain Tactical Enforcer) tanks and other armored vehicles.

This AT-TE Tank Gunner mini bust accessory pack is designed to fit Gentle Giant's Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith Clone Trooper mini bust (white, orange, blue, red and grey). The accessory pack includes the helmet pad and pauldron and retails for $15. 1500 Accessory Packs were produced. Please note - Mini Bust is sold separately.

The AT-TE Accessory Pack will be available to Gentle Giant Premier Guild Members first for an advanced purchase window of one week starting today, 1/3/2008. We will open up the availability to all Gentle Giant Club Members starting next Thursday, 1/10/2008.

If you are a PGM Member you can log in today and order at



GGC's New Q&A with Gentle Giant Ltd.


Once again, Amanda Burns from Gentle Giant Ltd. was kind enough to answer some great questions that the readers at  Gentle Giant Collectors  had about a broad spectrum of products.

Some of the questions collectors had were: Are all the PGM Gifts Shipped Out? What is the Status of the Star Wars Bust Ups Line? Will Star Wars Mini Busts get Light Up Lightsabers in 2008? Anymore 1/4 Scale Statues on the way in 2008? Are the Halo Mini Busts Delayed Again? Will we see the R2-D2 Statue Again? Is the POTC Maquette line 100% done?

All those questions, as well as others can be  read by clicking here or the image below:




January Giveaway Kicks Off!


GGC is Kicking off 2008 with 2 great giveaways.  For your chance to win a PROMO Lord of the Rings Ringwraith Animaquette all you need to do is send your name and mailing address to with the Subject Line "Enter me to Win in 2008"  


Open to all readers worldwide (shipping not included internationally). The giveaway ends on January 20th 2007 and is limited to One entry per person please, multiple entries will void all entries.


One Winner will be picked at random from all entries received. On the 21st we will

announce our second giveaway item (which will be for active forum members only), so if you have yet to sign up to the best GG forum on the net, sign up today so you have a shot at the second prize.




4 New Additions to the Image Gallery!
(click for image for the full size guide)

Star Wars Han Solo and Chewbacca Maquettes First Look Images

Click the pictures below to check out our images:

5 New Additions to the Image Gallery!
(click for image for the full size guide)

New Yoda Statue!

Check out the below image of a new Gentle Giant Statue of Yoda which is due out in July and will stand 6" tall and will retail for $140. A very welcome surprise!

Indy Mini Bust Revealed and New Statue Images!

Happy Holidays!

The staff and crew at Gentle Giant Collectors  would like to wish all our readers, friends and sponsors Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Scout Trooper on Speeder Bike Kustomz Holiday Gift First Look Images

Click the pictures below to check out our images:

Clone Trooper Sergeant Bust-Up (Clean and Dirty) First Look Images

Click the pictures below to check out our images:

R2-D2 Statue Cancellation/Resolicitation

Posted by Gentle Giant Ltd:

The R2-D2 statue originally scheduled to ship December 2007, is being canceled and will be resolicited.  At this time, we don’t know what the new ship date will be or if the pricing will remain the same, but as soon as we have new information, we will be posting it on our website and sending out an email.  For those members of our collectors club who have already placed a pre-order through our website and would like to keep your original pre-order, please confirm this AFTER the new information is sent out.

Kneeling Darth Vader Statue First Look Images

Click the pictures below to check out our images:


HP Gallery Collection and Indy News!
New Scale for Gentle Giant's Harry Potter Line
Gentle Giant showed off its newest line of Harry Potter products at this years San Diego Comic-con.  These 1/4 scale Gallery Collection Harry Potter Statues combine the high level of detail in resin from the mini busts and statues with a high quality of fabric that is hand tailored into the characters costume.  The first 2 pieces releasing in the Gallery Collection are Harry Potter and Voldemort.  Both these pieces with placed together depict the final battle scene between Harry and Voldemort from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.  Harry stands 16 inches tall and retails for $290, while Voldemort stands 17.5 inches tall and retails for $315.  Log into your account to pre-order now at

(click below for high resolution images)


Indiana Jones BUSTed by Gentle Giant
Debuting this past summer at San Diego Comic-Con, Gentle Giant announced it had acquired the license for Indiana Jones.  With May's release of the newest adventure Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Gentle Giant takes a look back at where it all started.  Releasing in July will be the first in the line of Indiana Jones mini busts.  The Indiana Jones mini bust depicts Indy in his trademarked leather jacket, fedora and whip from Raiders of the Lost Ark.  Standing 7.5 inches tall Indy and retails for $55.  Along with the Indiana Jones mini bust, comes the first release in the statue line, Indiana Jones on Horse Statue.  Galloping his way into your collection, this 7-inch scale statue of Indy stands 11 inches tall and will retail for $210. Log into your account to pre-order now at

(click below for high resolution image)


Animated Pirates of the Caribbean Maquettes  wanted to take the time to clarify some information regarding our Animated Pirates of the Caribbean Maquette line.  Although we announced the cancellation of distributor orders for Will Turner and Captain Barbossa Maquettes at the beginning of this week, we are still producing the 2 items.  These items will be available directly through Gentle Giant and limited to 1,000 pcs world wide. They will be available to purchase through our website in spring of 2008, and are currently still available to pre-order. We have not cancelled preorders previously placed through the website. You must be logged into your account to see the pre-order. 

A 'Monumental' Product Offering from GG!

Gentle Giant is excited to finally be able to offer up the purchase of our Life-Size monuments through Both the Life Size Yoda Monument and Clone Wars Yoda Monument are both IN STOCK with very limited quantities. As we mentioned a week ago, we would be adding special product pricing throughout the next couple of weeks. These 2 items are at a very special rate as we are offering FREE U.S. Domestic Shipping & Handling. Retail price for the Life-Size Yoda Monument is $850 and $450 for the Clone Wars Yoda Monument. We will be able to take International Orders, but pricing will vary. We ask that any International Customer wishing to place an order for either of the 2 Yoda Monuments, to please call Customer Service (818-504-3555) for individual pricing.

But that's not all!! For Premier Guild Members, we are offering an additional 20% off the retail price. To see this extra special pricing you must be logged into your Premier Guild account. Same offer of FREE U.S. Domestic Shipping & Handling applies, as does International Customers need to call for individual pricing.

And last but certainly not least, we are offering for Pre-Order the Animated Princess Leia Monument at a retail price of $850 and scheduled to release in April 2008. Again, the offer of FREE U.S. Domestic Shipping & Handling on this item and International Customer individual order pricing apply.

PGM Welcome Gift Debuts!

Members of the Gentle Giant Premier Guild were notified via e-mail yesterday that the the first wave of PGM gifts have shipped and they also announced what will be included in the package. In addition to that the news also solved the mystery of where the "green clone bust ups" went as well as announcing the 2008 gift which will be a Clone Trooper Lieutenant Classics Bust!

Included in the gift package will be: An Attack of the Clones Clone Trooper Sergeant Bust-Up, Simpsons Rock 'n Roll Fantasy Camp Bust-Ups Assortment with Apu and Wiggum as well as a Simpsons Killer Krusty Bust-Up. A Gentle Giant Premier Guild Mouse Pad as well as a Messenger Bag and Gentle Giant Premier Guild Dog Tag.

GG and AFX Team Up

Gentle Giant Ltd. is excited to announce they are teaming up with Action Figure Xpress to Animate 2008!  The Star Wars Animated Maquette line is storming in the new year with the release of Luke Skywalker in Stormtrooper Disguise Animated Maquette. This unique animated piece sees Luke getting a little tangled up with the infamous Dianoga from the Death Star's trash compactor.

Also releasing through AFX will be the Lord of the Rings Ringwraith on Horse Dark Rider Animaquette.  As a variant from the original release this year, the Dark Rider Ringwraith is depicted from the scene in which Arwen and Frodo are escaping from the Ringwraiths across the water to Rivendell. 

And finally the last item releasing exclusively through AFX will be a variant on the 10-inch Rotocast Animated Hellboy Action Figure.  This exclusive Animated Hellboy will come with Hellboy's iconic trench coat along with the same amazing 16 points of articulation, additional interchangeable hands, removable gun and base as the regular release.

You can place your pre-orders at

Boba Fett  First Look Images

Click the pictures below to check out our images:

Kit Fisto First Look Images

Click the pictures below to check out our images:

New Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings Products Coming In June!

 Coming this June we have 3 awesome new pieces on the way:

Lord of the Rings Animaquette Twilight Ringwraith

and from Harry Potter Remus Lupin and Professor McGonagall

GGC's New Q&A with Gentle Giant Ltd.


Once again, Amanda Burns from Gentle Giant Ltd. was kind enough to answer some great questions, that the readers at Yodasnews and at Gentle Giant Collectors, had about a broad spectrum of products.

Some of the questions collectors had were: When will we see the first of the Indiana Jones Items? When will the winners of the Clone 5 pack be notified? Anymore Star Wars EU Mini Busts this year? Anymore PGM exclusives this year? Any new Life Size products coming our way?

All those questions, as well as questions and answers about:

Halo, the PGM for 2007 and 2008, Senate Guard Numbering, the 2008 Cons and more can be read by clicking here or the image below:




Senate Guard  First Look Images

Click the pictures below to check out our images.

3 New Additions to the Image Gallery!
(click for image for the full size guide)


3 New Additions to the Image Gallery!
(click for image for the full size guide)


New Items on the way:

Gentle Giant Ltd is reporting the following items to be shipping out to retailers/distributors this week: Star Wars Royal Guard Mini Bust and the Senate Guard Mini Bust, the Star Wars Classics Wave 1 Boba Fett, TIE Pilot and Kit Fisto, as well as, the Darth Vader ESB Statue and the Lord of the Rings Ringwraith Animaquette If you ordered direct from GG they are also starting to fill pre-orders for all the above items!

Jawa First Look Images

The Jawas mini bust 2-pack has been hitting doorsteps coast to coast, click the image below to check out our images of this great new 2 pack. Also, be sure to follow the instructions when you open this up on how to safely remove the Jawas.

Senate Guard Statue GG Exclusive

Gentle Giant Ltd. is making the Senate Guard Statue available for purchase exclusively through Gentle Giant Premier Guild Members will get a special one week advance purchasing window on this item, starting  on November 2nd. On Friday November 9th, they will open up the availability of this piece for all members of the Gentle Giant Collector's Club. PGM members can  log in today and order, everyone else can get them on the 9th. These are limited to 1500 and sell for $165.


  Happy Halloween from GGC!
New Edition Sizes Posted at GG:
Star Wars
Darth Maul with Bloodfin Statue - 2250 pieces
Han Solo Statue - 2000 pieces
Admiral Ackbar mini bust - 4000 pieces
Tusken Raider mini bust - 5000 pieces

Harry Potter
Thestral Statue - 700 pieces
Tonks mini bust - 2500 pieces
Bellatrix mini bust - 2500 pieces
2 New Additions to the Image Gallery!
(click for image for the full size guide)
And just for fun since we now have all 5 Summer Convention Clones in our Guides (and thanks to Phil and Bill for making that happen), below is what our message board members here at GGC and around the net have coined as the "Fab 5"
2 New Additions to the Image Gallery!


Welcome White Wizard Toys!
We would like to welcome our newest sponsor, White Wizard Toys. In addition to carrying Gentle Giant's product line, White Wizard Toys carries a huge selection of action figures, prop replicas, statues and busts, games, and HALLOWEEN COSTUMES. They are an authorized retailer of Sideshow, Master Replicas, NECA, McFarlane Toys, SOTA, DiamondSelect, Hasbro, Character Toys, Yamato, Rubies, LEGO, QMX, and many many others. Be sure to check them out today!
New Gentle Giant in High Resolution!
The official site has now been updated with more info on Shaak Ti, Aayla Secura, Animated Emperor and the Count Dooku & Asajj Ventress Statue as well as the 2 new LOTR Mini Busts Sauron and Snaga . If you would like to take a closer look at these amazing pieces, we are happy to offer you the High Resolution Images of all 6 so that you can take a close up look at them.

We also contacted Gentle Giant about the rumors that the Shaak Ti and Aayla Secura may have light up sabers and we have confirmed with GG that they will not light up. Click any picture below for the high resolution image.


New Products Update!
We can now confirm that the Shaak Ti and Aayla Secura are indeed on the way. Check out the outlines of what the final product should look like as well as images of the Animated Emperor Maquette and Count Dooku & Asajj Ventress Statue below. All 4 are set to arrive in May 2008.

And LOTR fans are not left out either, 2 new offerings will also be coming out in May! Look for Sauron and Snaga to be joining your collection:

Gentle Giant Rumor and News!

There is a new rumor running around the message boards that in May 2008, we will be seeing 2 new Mini Busts from Gentle Giant. Both Shaak Ti and Aayla Secura have been rumored to be the next mini busts we see up for pre-sale at our favorite online stores.

At this point, it is just a rumor but fans have been begging for these two for quite some time (Both are in the Top 10 Most Wanted Busts) so hopefully the rumor is true.

Also, the official site posted that the Jawas mini bust 2-pack will be shipping out to retailers and distributors this week.

GGC's New Q&A with Gentle Giant Ltd.


Once again, Amanda Burns from Gentle Giant Ltd. was kind enough to answer some great questions, that the readers at Yodasnews and at Gentle Giant Collectors, had about a broad spectrum of products.

Some of the burning questions collectors had were: Will there be anymore PGM exclusive releases in 2007? When is the Clone 5 pack coming? Will it be a new custom box or the regular release boxes? Will the 5 pack have a variant or exclusive item? Will we have more LifeSize Maquettes? Will 2008 yield a slowdown of exclusives? Will "Jango Heads" be for sale to add to the Clones? Will we see more characters from ROTS get "busted"?

All those questions, as well as questions and answers about the 1/4 Scale Harry Potter line, Halo, Indy, Horror, Clash of the Titans and more can be found at the Gentle Giant Collectors Message Boards by clicking here or the image below:




Harry Potter on Thestral! But Where is Harry?  


Check out the images below of the Gentle Giant Thestral Statue without Harry on his back. Did Gentle Giant decide to drop him and release this statue without Harry? No they didn't, but a previously unannounced feature of this statue is the ability to remove Harry from the statue and display the Thestral free-standing! Click the images below for the higher resolution look!






October Giveaway Kicks Off!


You didn't think giving all those great items away for our One Year Anniversary would mean we would skip our tradition of giving away a Promo Item each month did you? In fact, I think we will do two this time!


For your chance to win a Promo Sam AND Frodo in  Orc Armor sponsored by Gentle Giant Ltd ! All  you need to do is send your name and mailing address to with the Subject Line "Enter me to Win in October"

Open to all readers worldwide, ends on October 31th 2007, One entry per person please.

Product Registry Updates!!

The Gentle Giant Collectors registry has grown leaps and bounds since it debuted late last year, if you have yet to register your items you may want to check it out! You can now view your whole collection and others collections as well with one click ! We just added DragonKind, Pirates, and Halo to the mix so feel free to add them as well!

It features easy to use Log-In  that only requires a name and e-mail and a simple Interface to add your collection with drop down boxes and all the products already added, just pick your item, add your number and click add!

It lists ordered in number and line fashion and supports both Promo and APs as well! You also have the  ability to edit, change and update your collection at anytime and look for that specific item you may want for your collection and offer a trade and the most popular one click "View my Collection" for a complete list of everything you own (great for insurance and tracking and it is also printable)

 Add your collection today, it's 100% free and a great way to track your GG collection, and with thousands of registered, its the best resource out there! We have also integrated one of out most popular features here, the Image Guides, to all the registry products so you can now see the item as well!

Harry Potter Death Eater Bust-Up Box Set Info

Gentle Giant confirms on the the official site there WILL be a chase to this set:

Harry Potter Death Eater Bust-Ups Box Set is comprised of Death Eaters as seen in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Included in this set are Bellatrix, Malfoy, Dolohov, Rookwood and a Death Eater. Be on the look out for the rare chase figure, Death Eater 'Masked' Bellatrix Lestrange.


GGC Anniversary Party Ends!

It has been a great week and we gave away a ton of great prizes. We will be in touch with all the winners in the next few days to get your information and let you know where your items will be coming from. Thanks to Everyone who made this first year a great one and a special thanks to the sponsors of the site:


Wizard Exclusive Star Wars: Episode IV: ANH Light-Up Spirit of Obi-Wan

The news on where and when the Spirit of Obi Wan will be for sale are no longer a mystery. It will be a Wizard Exclusive and Limited to 2000 and will go on sale October 11th at this link! Be sure to check back here on October 1st and I have a feeling we'll have an  image or two for you a few days early!

Gentle Giant Ltd. Horror Line

From theGentle Giant Blog

For many of those who attended the San Diego Comic-Con and stopped by the Gentle Giant Booth might have noticed a few items that put the fright in you.

After years of tackling the sci-fi/fantasy genre, Gentle Giant has taken the leap into Horror. The
Gentle Giant Ltd. Horror line consists of some of the greatest fright fests to invade your mind, including the classics Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th and Texas Chainsaw Massacre along with some of the new such as 30 Days of Night, Dawn of the Dead, The Decsent and The Grudge.

Gentle Giant Ltd. will be bringing these Horror Classics to life in resin mini busts, maquettes and statues. The Gentle Giant Ltd. Horror line will launch in April of 2008 with
Jason Vorhees Animaquette from Friday the 13th, Chop Top mini bust and Leatherface mini bust from Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Crawler mini bust from The Descent.

All 4 items are available to pre-order now through Keep checking back for more news on upcoming Gentle Giant Ltd. Horror releases.

GGC Anniversary Tote Board!

Winners So Far:

Event 1: GG Trivia 9-21-2007

First Place: Yoda Man - Prize - Obi Wan Mini Bust (ANH)
Second Place: N00bian - Prize - Bust Ups Package

Event 2: Picture Hunt 9-21-2007

First Place: Susiesmatt - Balrog Mini Bust

Event 3: GG Product Collage 9-22-2007

First Place: wyldaxe - Gandalf Mini Bust
Second Place: LaMelnik - Harry Potter Hermione Clear Chase Bust Ups

Event 4: Picture Hunt 2 9-24-2007

First Place: SITHSPAWN - Animated Stormtrooper Maquette
Second Place (t): Wyldaxe - Wanted Sirius Black SDCC Mini Bust
Second Place (t): YodaTeacher - Yoda on Kybuck

Event 5: Win a Jabba Statue Ends 9-28-2007

First Place: Beth from NY - Jabba Statue

Event 6: Vote in the Most Wanted 9-26-2007

First Place: hbk1313 - $25 Gift Certificate

Event 7: WinPicture Hunt III - Click for Winners and Pictures

Event 8: Fan Appreciation - Click for Winners


Q&A With Tom Hodges! sat down with one of the hottest artists in the industry, Tom Hodges. Be sure to check it out right here. You can get regular updates from Tom at his site


One started at 7pm EST and the other is ongoing for the weekend, be sure to check out both Events right here and take part in the fun!


UPDATE - Tonight at 10PM EST in This Thread  will be the first 2 events in the celebration, Mini Busts and Maquettes are up for grabs tonight with a GG Trivia Contest and a Mini Picture Hunt. Don't miss you chance to win, click here for more info!

It's hard to believe it has been a year since we first went online but on September 22, 2007, Gentle Giant will be a year old. Our slogan for this anniversary is ONE Company, ONE Community, ONE Passion. We never though we would grow so much in only a year's time. Thinking back just one year ago we had about 50 members and just under 1000 posts on our message board, we now have over  4,000 members and over 148,000 posts and we are now your first stop for collectors of everything Gentle Giant. We have also built up a massive Image Guide of nearly every single item Gentle Giant Ltd has produced and we add to it weekly. We have also started an automated Most Wanted List and expanded our registry to include more of what collectors wanted. GGC keeps moving forward with new and exciting projects as well.

So what are we going to do to celebrate this milestone you ask? GGC is going to give away a ton of cool stuff to you! With the help of our great sponsors, staff, moderators and Gentle Giant Ltd. we have a great lineup of stuff to giveaway.

Click here to see our special One Year Anniversary Page and some of the great items we will be giving away!

Life Size Leia!

Have you always wanted a Life Size Animated Leia in your house? Then the wait is over, for around $2,000 (USD), you can now add her to your collection! Click the images below to see the full size pictures.

Gentle Giant Horror Line  Early Images!

Jabba Arrives!

Several readers have reported that the Gentle Giant Jabba Statue is showing up on doorsteps. If you had this beauty on pre-order look for it to arrive soon. Click below for some snapshots from GGC Moderator VaderRx, who added it his collection last week!


Gentle Giant Animated Davy Jones Maquette, Elrond Ringbearer and Master Chief Kubrick 4-Pack  First Look  Images!


Click the image for the full galleries:




GGC's New Q&A with Gentle Giant Ltd.

Amanda Burns from Gentle Giant Ltd. was kind enough to again answer some great questions that the readers at Yodasnews and Gentle Giant Collectors had about a broad spectrum of products.

One of the burning questions collectors had was, how the Tusken Raider Mini Bust will be interchangeable as the final approved pictures has the sleeves are at different angles as well as the angle of the head? If they will be jumping in on the Ralph McQuarrie themed collectibles? Will we get an Emperor to go along with the Royal Guard and Kneeling Vader statue? Will we ever see Anakin, Padme, Mace and Obi-Wan from Episode 3?

All those questions, as well as, a few from the new lines, Harry Potter and Alien can be found at the Gentle Giant Collectors Message Boards by clicking the image below: Updates!

Final approved product images for the Tusken Raider mini bust (click here) and the Darth Maul with Bloodfin Statue (click here).

Animated Han Solo Maquette edition site has been set at 3000 pieces and the Animated Chewbacca Maquette edition size has been set at 3000 pieces.

Also, for the Lord of the Ring GG Collectors, the Gimli Animaquette and Legoloas Animawuette's each have a run of 1750 pieces. The Frodo in Orc Armor Ringbearer mini bust and Sam in Orc Armor Ringbearer mini bust are now shipping to retailers/distributors.

Gentle Giant at the Baltimore Comic Con

The pre-orders at the GG Booth were handled great. There was about a 20-40 minute wait on Saturday if you got in line between 10 and 1, but by 2pm you could walk up, get your pre-order and walk away. They had a line with a BCC rep. working it. The 2 reps working the booth were very nice; they checked ID, bagged up your items and you went on your way. Gus from Gentle Giant :Ltd. was there to represent GG. He was very friendly and answered questions for us and many others. It is always fun to chat with GG. They had enough there on Saturday to handle all of the pre-orders if need be, so even if all the pre-orders showed up on Saturday, they could get it filled. The 2 display cases were all things we've seen before like the Clone Commanders, Classics, Harry Potter and a small sampling of what Gentle Giant Ltd sell.
As far as the BCC booth for Show Exclusives, Gentle Giant did not run as they announced beforehand, it was run by the BCC staff. It was one booth called "Show Exclusives" and all of them were sold there (comics, cups and GG Items). BCC handled how it ran. They sold 150 on Saturday (First Come First Serve) but they did say 1 per person. Around 10:35am they went on sale and the first 150 people in line got them. Honestly, I saw a lot of collectors in line and those that lined up early got one. The rumors that people had a case of them is false. As they sold them, they were tossing the empty boxes away, people were asking if they could have them to carry items in and many people grabbed them and used them to carry around con goodies. That is not to say some people did not go with groups to get several, but no cases of them were sold. They were one per person and were cash only. The line had over 500 people by 10:45am and by 11am they were sold out.. The 100 or so that were left for Sunday (I saw 12 sealed cases left so I would think 96 were technically left), could be bought if you got a ticket in line and not first come first serve. You can check out a few pictures by clicking below and also click here to see a very rough First Look of Bacara; that we shot in the Hotel room Saturday night.



12 New Additions to the  Image Gallery

(Click the Image for the Full Size Image)



8 New Additions to the  Image Gallery
(Click the Image for the Full Size Image)
New Lord of the Rings Product Shipping

From the GGBlog:

Lord of the Rings
Frodo in Orc Armor Ringbearer mini bust
Sam in Orc Armor Ringbearer mini bust

The Quest For The One Ring Continues...
"One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them!"
Inserted into the secret compartment in the below Ringbearer mini busts lies Noble Collection's "
The One Ring - Sterling Edition". The One Ring is cast in sterling silver and richly plated in pure gold, featuring the inscription above in Elvish, an ancient language of Middle-Earth. This inscription is amazingly etched in full circle onto the inside and outside of the ring.

With 100 more rings, 100 more lucky members of the Fellowship will win. We wish you well on your quest!

Glorfindel Ringbearer mini bust - 1/25 chance
Elrond Ringbearer mini bust - 1/125 chance
Frodo in Orc Armor Ringbearer mini bust - 1/100 chance
Sam in Orc Armor Ringbearer mini bust 1/100 chance

Did you miss the Lego Maquettes?

For Hyperspace members who may have missed their chance to snag one of the cool Darth Vader or Stormtrooper LEGO maquettes offered last year exclusively at StarWarsShop, you might want to hang around your computer this holiday weekend. Starting August 30, StarWarsShop will be reposting the Vader and Stormtrooper maquettes exclusively for Hyperspace members for a limited time.

Where did these extra maquettes come from, you ask, since the original edition was sold out months ago? Good question. As it happens, a percentage of the original 1,000 units were set aside for promotional purposes -- you know, contest give-aways and gifts to distributors, that kind of thing. Well, in response to repeated customer inquiries and the new line's increasing demand, StarWarsShop has secured these remaining units exclusively for its Hyperspace customers.

Sculpted by the artisans at Gentle Giant Studios, these Lucasfilm-branded maquettes feature interchangeable heads and a removable LEGO Star Wars plaque (both held fast magnetically). There is also the chance you'll receive an edition that includes a rare chase head -- Anakin for Vader and Han for Stormtrooper -- that are randomly inserted into some of the figure packages!

Hyperspace members will get an exclusive purchasing window open to them August 30 through September 4 -- after which, any remaining units will be made available to the general public. There will be a limit of three per customer.

Click here for more info!

GG Bib Fortuna Statue Redemption Info!

From the GGBlog:

The time has finally come now that Jabba the Hutt Statue and Jabba's Palace Band Statue have started shipping. Collect both statues to mail away for a FREE Bib Fortuna to add to the scene. Click here to get all the info on how to claim your Bib!

2 New Additions to the  Image Gallery
(Click the Image for the Full Size Image)
Posted at the Official Blog:

We've updated the following products with final approved product images:

Han Solo Statue
Star Wars Kustomz Scout Trooper on Speeder Bike

Keep checking back as we will be updating other products with final images.

Gentle Giant Chewbacca Mynock Hunt Info!
Our sister site,, is reporting in with the news that the Gentle Giant Mynock Chewbacca will be a Diamond Previews Exclusive, but the twist with this one is that they will not be available to online E-Tailers and E-Stores that do not have a comic book shop or store open to then public, nor will it be available to chain stores. Our overseas readers can pre-order this at ForbiddenPlant and our US readers can pre-order him at RazorsEdgeCollectibles. Click below for some high resolution shots.

6 New Additions to the  Image Gallery
(Click the Image for the Full Size Image)
Updates from the GG Blog!
The following items are currently being shipped to our distributors/retailers:

Lord of the Rings -  Balrog mini bust

Animated Pirates of the Caribbean - Animated Davy Jones Maquette


We now have in stock inventory on our Harry Potter Bust-Ups: Classic Moments.

This series can be purchased individually or by the full set bundle.

We are offering a discounted bundle to our Premier Guild Members, with a savings of $5.  You must be logged into your account to see the special pricing.

5 New Additions to the  Image Gallery
LEGO Star Wars: X-wing Fighter w/ Luke Maquette!
We finally have boxed images! What has been debated on forums for the last few months has finally been put to bed. The Lego X-Wing that has been for Pre-Order on the Toys R Us website for a few months finally has been updated with images showing that it WILL include the Gentle Giant Luke Skywalker LEGO Maquette. It is listed as out of stock now but you can also pick it up at your local store. Click the image below to get notification when it comes back in stock online.


Gentle Giant Princess Leia and BlackHole Stormie First Look  Images!


Click the image for the full galleries:



July Giveaway Winner!
"GGC's Most Wanted" Travels to Middle Earth and Hogwarts!

The Witch-king? Rita Skitter? Gimli? The Weasley twins?

Gentle Giant is happy to announce that its ongoing cumulative polling system to see which of your favorite Star Wars characters Gentle Giant should "bust" next... has expanded to include new polls for Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter!

Also, the entire voting and results system has been automated in conjunction with GGC's free Registry system. Now, voting is as simple as using an easy pull-down menu. You can assign votes for up to ten of your favorite characters from each license.

Who knows... Gentle Giant might just put your favorite characters in your display case someday. But they won't know who they are unless you stop by and vote!


Blackhole Stormtrooper Maquette For Premium Guild Members


Gentle Giant just released an animatted maquette of the Blackhole Stormtrooper on their website. It is exclusively available to the Premium Guild Members of the Collectors Club. This new addition to the animatted maquette line has an edition size of 1000 and has a price of $80. You can get your's by going to and login to your Premium Guild account.




PGM Raffle Update!


The Premier Guild Member raffle for the quantity held back of the 4 San Diego Comic-Con exclusives (Commander Cody mini bust, Luna Lovegood mini bust, Glorfindel mini bust and Darth Vader Jumbo Chubby) will begin at the end of next week. An email will be sent out to all GG Premier Guild Members with information at that time.

To make these widely available as possible to Premier Guild Members who weren’t able to attend San Diego Comic-Con, we are asking that PG Members who took advantage of the Pre-Order for Pick-Up for SDCC not place and entry into the raffle for the same items. Entries for the raffles will be reviewed prior to the selection of the winners. All entries from PG members that had their pre-order for pick up fulfilled at SDCC for the same items will automatically be removed.

Also at this time, they will be holding the Premier Guild raffle of Commander Bly mini bust from the Gentle Giant @ Forbidden Planet Event UK.



July Giveaway - 2 Days Left


Our July Giveaway ends on August 5th (Midnight at 12am EST) anyone who has 100 or more posts in our forums will be automatically entered to win and with all the SDCC chat going on, you may get that many in one day!


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The SDCC cheat sheet for the Gentle Giant Fan:

So what all did Gentle Giant bring to the table?

Up first is the coveted Star Wars line:

Count Dooku and Asaaj Ventress statue - The two are in an immortal pose that was first seen on the cover of Star Wars Insider. Though not painted yet the possibilities for this statue are boundless.

Emperor Sidious Animated Maquette - Another unpainted product that shows off the Grade A skills of the sculptors of Gentle Giant. Arriving Spring 08 with an MSRP of $80.

Han Solo Statue - Though Han has been known about since Toyfair 07 - no painted view was seen of him outside the GG offices. Han is fierce and sure to be a fan favorite.

AT-TE Accessory Pack - Again another heard of product that is featured at SDCC.

Star Wars Chess Set - Quite a beautiful set that may find collectors taking up playing Chess or may find this board never used.

R2D2 Statue - though seen before - It has been discovered that this "old friend" comes with accessories.

Indiana Jones:

A nice surprise for all Indy fans as we find Gentle Giant with this license.

The featured items are:

Indiana Jones Bronze Bust - Indy immortalized forever in bronze. Can any lover of Indy ask for more?

Indiana Jones on Horse Statue - Though unpainted, this statue will be a must for Indy collectors.

Indiana Jones with bike and Henry Jones - No fan of the Last Crusade would dare resist this statue.

Halo 3:

Halo 3 Master Chief Mini-bust - Finally able to see these mini-busts - video game fans everywhere can rejoice.

Halo 3 Master Chief statue - Gentle Giant decides that a mini-bust is not enough for fans at all but is it a statue or a figure?

Pirates of the Carribean:

A continuance of their maquette line we see:

Will Turner - Now you can have Will with Elizabeth forever.

Barbossa - No POTC collection is ever complete without him. Though seen only unpainted - the quality of this piece shines through.

Harry Potter:


It could be said this is the summer of Potter. Gentle Giant does not disappoint by any means:

Nymphadora Tonks - Though previously seen - we did not know that her hair color was to be purple. I am sure all fans of HP did a collective sigh of relief to see Tonks with colored hair.

Voldemort statue - Well it is a statue per se - but the clothing/robes on him are not all sculpted resin- but include fabric itself. . This is sure to be a sell out!


Harry Potter statue - appears to be in the same 1/4 Scale as Voldemorts complete with mixed media format.

Bust-ups - Going full steam with this line, Gentle Giant previews Deatheaters and more!

Harry on Threstral statue - On display and looking wonderful. This statue will be another fan favorite.

You can read more about other collectibles and see photos of some of the items mentioned above at



July Giveaway Reminder


Continuing our tradition for the last 9 months of giving away a Promo Item each month, we are happy to offer up either a Obi Wan Mini Bust Promo or a Stormtrooper Maquette Promo sponsored by Gentle Giant Ltd ! Starting now and ending on August 5th (Midnight at 12am EST) anyone who has 100 or more posts in our forums will be automatically entered to win and with all the SDCC chat going on, you may get that many in one day!


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3 New Additions to the  Image Gallery





Hyperspace Members Get First Shot at Mace Maquette!
Posted at

Hyperspace members who collect Gentle Giant's celebrated Clone Wars animated maquettes will want to head over to StarWarsShop on Friday, July 20, when the final maquette in the collection based on the Emmy Award Winning Cartoon Network series goes up for sale: Mace Windu!

Limited to 1,000 pieces worldwide and exclusive to, Hyperspace members will get first crack at grabbing this stunning exclusive, which will have a limit of one per person. After three days (Friday afternoon through Monday morning, PST), whatever units remain will be offered to the general public.

Collectors of this series may remember a similar offering for the Padmé "snowbunny" maquette, which was a StarWarsShop exclusive limited to only 1,000 pieces -- if you missed that one, here's a chance to grab an equally rare piece, which will be the last in the line!

This item ships on July 31st, so those out there attending the San Diego Comic-Con International will arrive home in time for its arrival on your doorstep. Don't hope there will be any left after the Hyperspace exclusive 3-day window -- join now to ensure you have a shot at picking up one of these striking maquettes today!

Click here for full info and Details!

GG Debuts LOTR Classics Line and new HP Statue

As the shadow of Sauron falls across Middle-Earth, heroes rise to heed the call to fend off the evil that plagues the land! Produced by Gentle Giant, these limited edition bust renditions of the beautiful and strong Éowyn (Mirando Otto), the Dwarf, Gimli (John-Rhys Davies), and the valiant elven ranger Legolas (Orlando Bloom):

Chat about them here!

No mere winged horse, the Thestrals are black and skeletal in appearance, with protruding bones, leathery wings, blank white eyes and a dragonish face. Few have ever seen a Thestral, as Thestrals are visible only to those who have seen death. But you can see a Thestral — as seen in the hit film Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix...

Chat about them here!


5 New Additions to the  Image Gallery






3 New Additions to the  Image Gallery






Harry Potter 5th Year Light up is a Suncoast/FYE Exclusive!


In case you missed it in our forums, the news is finally out. The Harry Potter 5th Year Mini Bust with Light Up Prophecy will be sold exclusively at Suncoast Video and FYE Store Locations. It will be limited to only 1,000 pieces, priced at $59.99. Early reports are that the stores are only getting 4 to 8 per store. Some managers have also said that they were only getting one shipment of them and they won't be re-stocked, and others have said they won't get any.  We can not confirm if  the allocation information is correct, but is is confirmed as a FYE/Suncoast Exclusive and is limited to 1,000 and priced $10 more than the normal Harry.


More Pictures Here!

Gentle Giant – San Diego Comic-Con 2007 – *PRE-ORDER FOR PICK-UP UPDATE*

Pre-Order for Pick-Up San Diego Comic-Con Exclusives  will begin Thursday, July 12th.***An email with the links and information for the Pre-Order for Pick-Up for San Diego Comic-Con will now be sent out on Thursday, July 12th.



3 New Additions to the  Image Gallery






July Giveaway Kicks Off!


Continuing our tradition for the last 9 months of giving away a Promo Item each month, we are happy to offer up either a Obi Wan Mini Bust Promo or a Stormtrooper Maquette Promo sponsored by Gentle Giant Ltd ! Starting now and ending on August 5th (Midnight at 12am EST) anyone who has 100 or more posts in our forums will be automatically entered to win.


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3 New Additions to the  Image Gallery





June Giveaway Winner!


Congratulations to Mark S. from San Jose, CA who was the winner of either a  Lord of the Rings Strider PROMO Edition Mini-Bust OR a Saruman Animaquette PROMO Edition sponsored  by Gentle Giant Ltd. Please get in touch with us within 7 days to select and claim your prize! Look for our July Giveaway to kick off on the 5th of July where only active message board members will be eligible.


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3 New Additions to the  Image Gallery

Special Thanks to *Bill for the Neyo Images






Gentle Giant Premiere Guild First 500 Gift!
If you were one of the first 500 members to sign up for the Gentle Giant Premiere Guild, then you may have had a surprise waiting for you when you got home today! Gentle Giant Ltd. is sending the first 500 people who signed up for the Premium Guild Membership a unique gift.

The Silver Boba Fett Bust Ups (which is the 100th Bust Ups made) and was previously only given away at cons or for special promotions and never sold to the public is now being sent to the first 500 members. Don't worry if you didn't get one yet, as it looks like they are shipping in waves. Check out the images below from forum regular terman who found this waiting for him when he got home on Monday!


3 New Additions to the  Image Gallery

Special Thanks to GG Ltd for the Images






Gentle Giant Bubo, Roron and Slave Leia First Look  Images!


Click the image for the full galleries:





GGC’s Most Wanted

The Ultimate Poll in the Galaxy!

What Star Wars characters do you want to see get “busted” by Gentle Giant, Ltd the most? Well, do you think others agree with your choices?

Now you have a way to find out. has started a new feature in the forums called GGC’s Most Wanted. It is a cumulative, ongoing poll where people can vote for which characters from the Star Wars films they want to see get “busted” the most by assigning them credits (basically a points system). The cumulative totals for each character are added and each character is ranked.

There is already one character who is off to an early lead and is earning the "Most Wanted" title. Want to know what character it is? Visit the forums and find out!



One Artist to Rule them All…

Jerry Vanderstelt conquers Middle Earth!

Acclaimed artist Jerry Vanderstelt will soon be offering three limited edition lithographs based on Peter Jackson’s “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy. One lithograph will be created depicting each film, with “The Fellowship of The Ring” first in line of course.

These lithographs, which are officially licensed by New Line Cinema, will be limited to 2,000 standard copies each. Measuring 24” x 36” and retailing for $150, each lithograph will be signed, numbered, and printed on a Hiedelberg press using 100 pound acid-free paper, archival inks and featuring an aqueous satin clear finish.

Jerry has recently created a jaw-dropping video presentation to give everyone a sneak peek of what to expect. It is highly recommended you stop by and check it out. These pieces are simply stunning!

Here is a link to Jerry’s homepage where more information is available on these lithographs and his work:



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