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Review:  Luke Skywalker (Hoth) Mini Bust by Gentle Giant LTD 

Review and Photography by Yoda027 and VaderRx – Composites by SithLord0498

Review Date: June 28, 2010


·    Edition Size:  2400

·    Designed in 1:6 scale - Stands 6.5 inches tall

From the EMPIRE STRIKES BACK and the battle of Hoth! Luke Skywalker, the leader of the Rebel Alliance fends off both the Imperial forces and hungry indigenous Wampas alike! This Gentle Giant mini bust measures in at over 6 1/2" to the top of his head. This strictly limited edition Polystone collectible comes complete with a matching numbered certificate of authenticity. "Use the Force!" 

PORTRAIT: Above Average (Bordering on Excellent) 

Luke has always been a tough one for sculptors to nail down for some reason, but Gentle Giant did a great job on his Hoth representation. It bears a great resemblance to Mark Hamill, and is a unique sculpt from the other Lukes we have seen from GG. The only preference for some would be that since the saber has been ignited that the face could have been given some subtle battle damage, or possibly the cut on the face from the Wampa, but that does not detract from an otherwise great portrait. Please note the glare or (wetness) look in some shots are not the Mini Bust but the light reflections during the Photography process. 


The outfit and weapons were executed to near perfection. Faithful to his scenes in The Empire Strikes Back, Luke is dressed in heavy uniform to protect him from the blistering cold on Hoth.  His head is adorned with a hood, cap, scarf, goggles, and a communication device.  As the rank badge on his chest indicates, Luke has been promoted to the rank of Commander in the Rebel Alliance.  Attached to his left glove is the comlink he used to communicate with his “old buddy” Han on patrols.  In the holster on his hip rests his standard issue Blas Tech DL-44 blaster (favored by rebels and smugglers alike), and ignited in his hands he wields his lightsaber, the weapon of a Jedi Knight.  This combination of equipment and gear, along with the Force, improved the 725-to-1 odds Luke needed to survive his night outdoors on Hoth.  Though movie stills and screen-used props of this costume sometimes differ on details, Gentle Giant has done an outstanding job creating the “definitive” look for Hoth Luke.  Even the weapons are as accurate as possible on this 1:6 scale.  Overall, the quality and accuracy of the outfit and weapons is top notch in across the board. 


The Empire Strikes Back is arguably the most popular Star Wars film among hard core fans, and the Hoth scenes were a favorite part of the movie for many.  What better way to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Episode V this year than with this phenomenal mini bust of the main protagonist?  This has been one of most sought after Mini Busts since it was announced and was delayed in coming out, but is worth the wait. 

We want to thank Gentle Giant for letting us take an early look at this Mini Bust. Collectors can look forward to adding him to their collections this August.  Don’t forget that the Hoth Luke mini bust will soon be joined by the Hoth Han Solo and Hoth Princess Leia mini busts, so with an edition size of just 2400 this may prove hard to find down the road.  Currently it can still be pre-ordered at some e-tailers if you look around.  The original MSRP is $55 but it can still be pre-ordered for around $45.

Check out the Video Below:


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