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Gentle Giant Collection of the Quarter  Officially at GGC

 We are very happy to announce in collaboration with Gentle Giant Ltd., The Gentle Giant Collection of the Month is Back Officially at GentleGiantCollectors.com! For 2011 we are moving to a Collection of the Quarter format!

This is in ADDITION to the Gentle Giant PGM Collection of the Year and Other Giveaways that are being held at GentleGiantLtd.com for PGM Members.

Entering is very simple. All you need to do is post your collection in this section. Not just any collection you may have such as ceramic knives, cardboard cut outs or ceramic pottery...but if you have action figures or other collectibles from TV, action RPG, or movies please feel free to add your collection here.

At the end of the quarter we will lock up that section and Gentle Giant Ltd will pick the Collection of The Quarter and award a prize to the winner.

Gentle Giant Ltd be sending the quarterly winner one of the newest releases out that month to add to your collection. Items will vary but GG will do it's best to get you something you don't have yet.

Every quarter, a new collection will be chosen. You will be able to enter each and every quarter, but only one win ONCE per 12 month cycle. 

Please note this is a Gentle Giant Collection of Month, so while images will be accepted of mixed collection rooms, please only include images that are predominately Gentle Giant Ltd items (Mini Busts, Statues, Bust Ups, Maquettes, Figures, etc).  We will also now accept videos posted on YouTube.com (you can embed them easily on our boards)

There is no specific criteria for the Gentle Giant Collection of the Quarter. All Collections, big and small, are welcome. Gentle Giant LTD will be mixing up how they pick the collection from quarter to quarter to make sure all collectors have a chance at winning.  

So dust off your Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Corpse Bride, Matrix, Terminator and many other great Gentle Giant Collectibles and post your pictures!

 There is a NO LIMIT on pictures per collection when self posted. There is an 8 Picture limit if we are hosting.




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