Whether you're a Jedi, an Uruk-hai or a plain muggle...
...whether you collect mini-busts, maquettes or bust-ups...
...as long as you love Gentle Giant this is the place to be!

GentleGiantCollectors.com exists to give worldwide enthusiasts of the entire spectrum of products manufactured by Gentle Giant, Ltd. a place to convene, converse and enjoy their passion. The website will be focused on member interaction in the form of chat, debate and group forums. While the website will post occasional updates on Gentle Giant, Ltd. products and current events, its main function will not be to report news. With its singular focus, the website is meant to work in conjunction with the myriad of other large pop culture collectibles websites that exist not to replace them.

GentleGiantCollectors.com will also maintain resources such as checklists, ownership registries and photo archives to help all levels of enthusiasts stay informed and maintain their collections.

 GentleGiantCollctors.com was founded and is maintained by fans for fans; it is in no way affiliated with Gentle Giant, Ltd. However, the vision of its creators is that representatives of Gentle Giant, Ltd. will support the ever-growing community represented here by actively participating in the dialog.

Lastly, and most importantly, GentleGiantCollectors.com exists to help keep Gentle Giant, Ltd. enthusiasts having fun and enjoying their hobby!


This fan site is for informational purposes only and is not affiliated in any way with GentleGiantltd.com.

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