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Staff and Moderators Bio's


Mark, aka Yoda027, was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA and has his Bachelor's degree is Fine Arts with a concentration on Graphic Design. Mark admins and operates several collecting websites including Yodasnews.com,

Mark also built a collection room in his home to house his every growing collection and has a broad collecting focus. He has been married 13 years and has a 11 year old daughter.

Asst. Admin/Price Guides Team Leader

Tim, aka VaderRx, is a Pharmacist from the great state of Texas. He is married, and is the proud father of 2 sons. When he isn't rearranging his Gentle Giant collection into different configurations, he stays busy destroying people around the world on Halo 3. In addition to assisting the admin, Tim is also the Team Leader of our very popular one of a kind Price Guides that not only look at e-bay, but online sales, e-stores, comic stores and other online auctions sites to determine the true value of each piece.

Event Correspondent/Bust Ups Expert

Matt, AKA big_matt, is a banker who live in Rockland County, NY, but is a true Bronx Boy at heart.. He has recently vowed to stop collecting Hasbro Figures, and has moved his obsession to GG mini-busts. In addition to SW items, Matt also collects Wolverine (X-Men, not University of Michigan) paraphernalia.


Registry and Most Wanted Admin

Dave aka dpatera, is the brains behind the GGC Registry and the automation of the Most Wanted Section as well as  many other technical duties.

Daily News Summaries/Forums Coordinator

Cindy, aka. yodateacher is a middle school special education teacher in the great state of Texas. TVOLS, a member of GGC, is her son and is graduating from high school this year. She finds great joy in her job and loves teaching the kids the way of the Force. Many of her students call her the Star Wars teacher. Her love of all things Star Wars started when A New Hope first hit the theaters in 1977 and the minute the AT-ATs walked on Hoth she was hooked!! She has an impressive collection both at home and in her classroom. Gentle Giant got a hold of her with the ANH Luke Mini Bust and she has not slowed down collecting GG products yet!

Head Moderator

 Ian, aka ARC, spends his days working as a Software Engineer and loves every minute of it. He collects many things including GG, Star Wars Fiction, beer steins,and Mineral Specimens (AKA rocks). When he is not at work or on GGC  he spends time with my wife and soon to have baby number 1 in April. Also in April he will be married for three years and has have enjoyed every minute of it.

Lifetime Members/Retired Staff and Mods

Sergio, aka Lord Chableo


Pete, aka swabie2424


Rob, AKA Robbathehutt


Michael, aka wyldaxe


Steve, AKA Smatt4u


Howard, aka OxBeard


Susan, aka Cirielle

 James, aka Darthmatrix


Phil, aka philnjill,



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